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Frequently Asked Questions
Will all your Circuits still be free to play in?
Yes! Anyone can sign up a team for a Circuit and be able to fully participate in them for free! This includes both Circuit play (6 weeks of one match per week) and Playoffs
When do I have to have a Membership purchased by in order to get the benefits for a Circuit?

If you buy a membership (annual or monthly) on or after the official start date of a Circuit, you will receive access to all membership benefits except any cash prizes and/or Member Only Rewards.

You have to purchase a Membership (annual or monthly) before the official start date of a Circuit in order to be eligible for winning cash prizes for that Circuit.

So if I’m in the Playoffs, I can’t buy a Membership and win cash?

No. You have to purchase a Membership before the official start date of a Circuit in order to be eligible for cash prizes and Member Only Rewards. Our Circuits aren't about the money, they're about having fun and meeting other gamers in a competitive atmosphere!

I don’t understand how the Prize Pools work now

With the move to our Membership model, there are a few key points surrounding the prize pool that are important to understand

  • Community memberships are not eligible to win Cash Prizes or Member Only Rewards for winning a Circuit
  • If a player who is on the Community Membership finishes in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in a Circuit, they will receive a 3 month Buffed Membership as their prize.
  • This Buffed Membership activates at the start of the next Circuit they play in
  • Buffed and OP members win cash for winning a Circuit and any Member Only rewards that may exist for that Circuit.
  • The IGL prize pool will now be awarded out on an individual basis, not on a team basis.

For an understanding of how all this would apply in a live scenario, please review the example below


A Team consists of Tnow, Smash, and DaveyRocket. Tnow is a Community Member (free) but Smash and DaveyRocket are Buffed members ($60/year or $7.50/month).

They win the Summer Circuit. The individual prize pool for first place in this particular Circuit is $100.

For prizes, Tnow receives a 3 month Buffed membership since he is a community member. Smash and DaveyRocket each receive $100 since they are Buffed members.

Will there be any separation of teams based on Membership level?

No! All teams and players, no matter their Membership level, will all play together in the same Circuit. However, players are separated into divisions based on skill level.

I'm confused on what stats are available for which memberships.

Community Memberships will have access to the following:

  • Team records (matches won/matches lost)
  • Team goals for/goals against
  • Team games won/games lost
  • Team schedules, including games won/games lost against their opponent for each week.
  • Top 5 Player Awards and Top 5 Ranked Players from every Division (this is presented on a weekly basis during our Twitch talk show, The Casting Booth.

Buffed and OP Memberships can see all of the following:

  • All the stats from the Community Membership.
  • All individual player stats for every person in the Circuit.
    • Total score
    • Total goals
    • Total assists
    • Total saves
    • Total shots
    • Total games played
    • Average score per game
    • Average goals per game
    • Average assists per game
    • Average saves per game
    • Average shots per game
    • Shooting percentage
    • Player ranking
Do my membership fees fund the cash prize pools?

No. IGL sets aside a predetermined amount of money for the cash prize pool and neither the cost of your membership or the number of people who register for a circuit impacts the size of the prize pool.

Why did you decide to make IGL Memberships?

There are a variety of reasons, here are the largest ones!

  • Community Integrity
    • When our Circuits became free to enter there was an uptick in teams not showing up to matches, creating a negative experience for community members who want to participate. By implementing a Membership model, we are hoping to discourage people from joining the community who don’t truly want to be here or who decide to leave once they realize they may not make the Playoffs.
  • Provide tangible benefits to people who want more from IGL.
    • We’re always looking for ways to provide more for members of the IGL family and we saw the Membership model as a great step in that direction. The Circuits are still free to everyone but now people who want to get a bit more out of their experience have the option of doing so!
  • Grow IGL
    • It’s not a secret that businesses need money to grow and IGL is no exception! Our vision is to continually grow the IGL family and bring a competitive, intramural esports experience to as many people as we can! We saw the Membership model as a great opportunity to improve upon the experiences’ of our current players while also generating financial support that could be put directly back into improving and growing the IGL community!
Do subs receive prizes if their team finishes in the Top 3 in a Circuit?

Yes, but in order to receive cash prizes from a Circuit, a sub must have played in a minimum number of games for a given Circuit:

  • Rocket League: 12 games (includes Playoffs)
  • Smash Bros Ultimate: 12 games (includes Playoffs)
  • Apex Legends: 4 games (includes Playoffs)
Will I still receive Membership benefits through the end of a Circuit if my annual Buffed or OP Membership expires mid-Circuit?

If your annual Membership expires mid-Circuit, you will still receive your Membership benefits through the end of the Circuit (even if you do not choose to renew the Membership).

For monthly Memberships, the Circuit has to end before your monthly Membership expires for you to be eligible for benefits through the end of the Circuit.

What is the IGL Referral Program?

The IGL Referral program allows you to receive $3 off an IGL Membership for every person you refer who plays in an IGL Circuit!

In order to be eligible, you referral must meet the following requirements:

  • The player must not have participated in the last two season's Circuits.
  • Must make an account on the IGL website.
  • Must complete at least one Circuit and play in a minimum of 3 games.

The player you referred must report to IGL via Discord or email that you referred them within 7 days of registering on the website!

What are the IGL Franchises?

Franchises allow OP members to build their own esports organizations with Indy Gaming League. This enables them to have multiple teams under one Franchise banner!

OP Members with Franchises will receive their own Franchise page which allows them to display all their Players, Teams, and Trophies in one central hub!

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