Joined in 2018
SunlessKhan is a well known Rocket League content creator who has built up a great community through his work. He's excited to support IGL in expanding that community and actively participates in IGL's Circuits! Don't miss out on the chance to play against him!
Tappers Arcade Bar
Joined in 2018
Located less than a mile from the city center in Historic Fletcher Place, Tappers Arcade Bar is Indianapolis' first retro arcade bar! Tappers focuses on regional craft beer with rotating craft cocktails and offers free-to-play arcade video games and cheap pinball. Tappers is a great place to come alone or with a large group!
Joined in 2018
ManofVault is a caster for Indy Gaming League. In addition, he streams a variety of games on his twitch channel as well as actively participates in Indianapolis LAN events. Fun fact, he is the undefeated LAN Champion!
Joined in 2019
GamersRdy is a community built around helping Rocket League and CS:GO players get better. You'll find experienced coaches (for personal 1 to 1 coaching sessions) as well as regular content being published (news, guides, opinion) all within a friendly yet competitive community.
Rocket Sledge
Joined in 2018
Champion Demolitions Expert Rocket Sledge is known for his physical play. A veteran of over 20 thousand demos, he not only compiles his best demo goals and resulting chat reactions for your entertainment, he also teaches the right way to use demos in your game with YouTube's only Demolition Tutorial Series. Recently he has started to diversify his content by branching out into a new series: "Rocket League Life Hacks" which will be covering tips, tricks, strategies, settings, and more, with the goal to better your Rocket League playing experience.
Joined in 2018
Marcwa is a local musician here in Indy! He infuses his singer-songwriter background with melodic hooks and fast-paced lyrics, while rounding it out with an electronic indie-pop soundscape mixed and mastered by platinum-winning audio engineer Corey Miller. Marcwa created the soundtrack you hear in between IGL games - check out the rest of his music across the channels below!
Joined in 2018
Musty is a Grand Champion Rocket League player who is most known for his highlights and unique goals. He discovered an in-game mechanic called the "Musty Flick" which, given the name, came to be named after him. He continues to inspire creativity and add innovation within the community by showing off his best plays and by providing content that can help people improve their own game.
Joined in 2018
Podcast Host? Twitch Streamer? Amazing Player? NoxPhoenix is 2 of the 3, you decide which. He picked up the game the same day it launched and is living proof that total hours does not equate to skill, but that doesn't stop him from having an absolute blast and being as involved as he can be in the community.